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Featured Testimonial: Thomas G. Martin.

Thomas G. Martin is one of the top private investigators in the USA, and a former Federal agent.

Private investigator Thomas Martin

Private investigator Thomas Martin, a former Federal agent with the Department of Justice and one of the top private investigators in the USA. Find him at www.martinpi.com.

“Doobie was one of the most knowledgeable guides I have personally toured with in my travels to over 100 foreign countries.”

My feet first touched the ground of Israel in 1973, when the purpose of my visit was to meet with officials regarding my duties as a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Agent. I didn't return to tour Israel for another 40 years.

In May of 2013 I returned with my wife and some dear friends from Toronto. As President of a private investigative agency based in Southern California, we pride ourselves in determining through interviews and the investigative process who are the best tour guides to use throughout the world. After an exhaustive search, we landed upon Doobie Sabbo, who was appointed to us through Samson Tours. This selection proved to be a wise and productive move.

Private tours, especially when there are four people or two families to share the cost, are a great way to see a country in such a short period off time. Doobie was one of the most knowledgeable guides I have personally toured with in my travels to over 100 foreign countries. His passionate insights, flexibility and knowledge were without peer in his industry. His enthusiasm for his work made the history of the area even more incredible. Doobie is not bashful about expressing his opinion about politics, history and the Israeli way of life. He does so in a respectable fashion while teaching and not preaching.

One of the most popular sites to take tourists is the spot where John The Baptist baptized Jesus, Yardenit. This is a huge area conducive to a large number of buses and big crowds. From personal research, I believe the true site where this happened to be Qasr El Yahud. I was stunned when Doobie took us there and actually explained the difference between the two sites. There may be guides who know the difference but few who would take you to the site known from biblical references.

Then there was the spectacular Church of the Holy Sepulcher whose history includes the way of the cross, the area where Christ died and the place where he was buried. Hundreds of people were going by the site, where monetary offerings are easily accepted and made. After reviewing this area, Doobie asked us if we would like to see another possible site where Christ's body was laid. He took us around the corner and then explained why he thought this was the actual spot where Christ was buried. His presentation was very convincing, so don't forget to ask Doobie to take you there.

On our third day, we completely changed our itinerary to make the long drive to Masada. It was one of the highlights of our entire trip to the Middle East. Please don't miss Masada. Doobie did not bat an eyelash when we informed him we wanted to make this change. Just a big smile and off we went. Doobie is a fantastic guide but an even better person.

Thomas G. Martin,
President, Martin Investigative Services, Newport Beach, CA

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Hi Doobie!!

Wow!! We had the best time!! You made everything so fun for us and we thank you so very much!!! How are you!!! Come to Malibu!!! Again, a million thank you's to you for making such wonderful memories that I will have forever with my sons.


Kenny G

Doobie was our guide to Jerusalem for a day tour (we were a rather demanding group to cope with). His inside-out knowledge, patience with our non-stop talking and great sense of humour made this tour an unforgetable one. If you need an efficient guide in Israel, Doobie is your man!



Thanks so much for the most informative interesting and enjoyable day tours. Not only did you tailor make the itinerary to fit in with our difficult schedule, but your responsiveness and honesty in the planning process carried through to your passion. knowledge and individualism as a guide and friend.We hope to see you in the US soon.



Doobie made our family vacation a really memorable experience. His challenge was keeping 17 of us interested and engaged although our ages ranged from 13, "The Bar Mitzvah Boy", to 83, "The Patriarch". He never let us down. We met at Tel Aviv and went to Caesarea, Akko, Jerusalem, Golan Heights, Masada, the Dead Sea to name some of the places we visited. Always smiling and joking while passionately taking us through a journey in time. Doobie is not only a great guide but also a great guy too!


Twice now my wife and I have been to Israel, and both times Mr Doobie Sabbo has BLOWN us away with his enthusiasm and insightful knowledge of Israel, as well as his willingness to go the extra mile. Doobie not only knows Israel's rich history like no other, but he also can explain so well the current state of affairs and Jewish culture, as well as Middle Eastern politics. On the practical side, we know that everything in the trip is always sorted, and are able to greatly enjoy our trip! We will tour with no-one else but Doobie in Israel. He is the best.


Dear Doobster,

So, it's more than a week since I've returned home, I'm back in the news grind at work, and I'm still processing what an amazing adventure you led us on. People ask me about my vacation, and I give them a few highlights, but the truth is, I'm still processing everything we were lucky enough to have an opportunity to do and see.

If I can remember 20 percent of all the information you rattled off to us, I'll feel like I retained something. We are so fortunate to have had you as our tour guide. You shared countless stories and a fascinating history that I really didn't know much about. I'm still not a religious person, but I have a great deal of pride in Israel and what has been accomplished …

So thank you again, Doobs, and if you come to Chicago, I'll be your tour guide.



Even before the trip, Doobie was emailing us,asking for personal preferences and giving us useful information. He went out of his way to accommodate us,not an easy task with 2 teenage children accompanying the tour,as we all had differing interests and preferences. In 9 days we saw Israel from the very North to South,every day was packed with activities and his zeal and passion was evident at the many sites we visited. We learnt so much and experienced much more than we could ever have imagined. Nothing was too much for Doobie,trips to the bank,pharmacy and other places we requested and needed to go to was always accommodated for us.Doobie's sense of humor,his passion for his land as well as his wealth of knowledge helped make our trip a life changing experience. Hope to see you again one day soon Doobie,Thanks very very much!


How lucky were we to land Doobie as our guide!! This is my third trip to Israel and I never enjoyed Jerusalem more than touring with Doobie and that is saying a lot! He has the gift of tailoring your tour and arranging if possible that your interest can be realized! I had always wanted to go on a dig and he saw to it that it happened! This was my husbands first trip to Israel and Doobie made it everything he wanted and more! We visited places that we would never have done on our own. We were open to adventures and Doobie delivered! His knowledge of his country and and its history is rich and full. We learned so much!

You want Falafel/Sharwma? He knows the best ever!!

We laughed like old friends and that is what I can say we are now!


I had put together an itinerary for our tour in Israel and feel extremely lucky to have had Doobie as our guide for the 2 weeks we were there. We are a mixed up family of 4, 2 boys ages 13 and 16 at the time, Jewish, Anglican, American and Bahamian and everyone of us has totally different interest....We have toured together as a family before but never with a guide and I was nervous about how a guide would fit in with my family. Within 1 day of traveling, Doobie seemed to understand the dynamics of our family, our individual interest and the schedule of how we prefer to travel. The itinerary I had put together became the back bone for what we did but the information and knowledge that Doobie gave us is what the memories are made from.

Doobie is a great guide and I am sure that every trip he does is different because it is based on the group he has with him at that moment!!!


Hi Doobie,

First, sorry it took so long to send you this email, I went back to work right away and of course life is busy every day. Can’t tell you how much we miss you. We have been to Israel 5 times and by far you were the best guide we have ever had. You truly impacted our trip and our lives in a very meaningful way. I know our kids were very engaged and felt separation from you after we got home; they woke up wondering where Doobie was. Your encouragement to make them speak in Hebrew meant a lot to Helene and me. It makes all the money we spend on schooling feel very worth it. I have given your name out to our local Federation and will keep telling people to contact you if they are thinking about touring Israel. We hope to return soon, let's stay in touch.



My fiance and spent two days with Doobie, one in Jerusalem and one at Masada. My aim was to find a knowledgeable guide for tour groups that I plan on bringing here from the USA. I found my guide, he knows his stuff. His personal background too is an interesting story if one cares to make a friend here in Jerusalem.


Doobie took us from Tel Aviv (business group) for one day tour in Jerusalem and the area. he is perfect: full of knowledge and patience ! the best sense of humor any one can wish for, Doobie is a great guide, it was my big pleasure to spent the one day tour with him.

I highly recommend Doobie !


My husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in Israel. The trip was an experience of a lifetime. One of the highlights was our exceptional tour guide, Doobie Sabbo. We hired Doobie for a 1 day tour in Jerusalem and ended up booking him for the remainder of the trip. Doobie is a complete teddy bear full of heart and compassion. He is also full of more information on Israeli history than I imagine could be found on Wikipedia!

Doobie drove us from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem teaching us about the land, people and history along the way. We stopped at places off the beaten path and even tasted grapes, figs and olives straight from the trees along the road. We explored Jerusalem through the old city which was, well, there are no words to describe it. We also had the BEST hummus and falafel we have ever had (in a tiny hole in the wall we would have never stepped foot in) and ate the oddest (yummy) dessert – a crushed noodle sweet paste on fried cheese… trust me – amazing!

The next day Doobie brought us to the Dead Sea and we spend a few hours exploring and learning about Masada. What a treat!

My husband was a high school history teacher and was captivated by the knowledge Doobie shared. I like history but typically have less attention span than my husband. Doobie’s stories were so fascinating I even asked additional questions to learn more. We also talked about politics, sports and our personal lives. Doobie was not just our guide – he became our dear friend whom we will stay in touch with always.

We could not more highly recommend Doobie to be your guide. We felt blessed to have been introduced to this man and look forward to our next Doobster adventure!


I promise to give you an amazing tour of Israel that is custom fit to you and what you are interested in seeing.

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Israel Tour Guide: 5/5 stars on Trip Advisor
Israel Tour Guide: 5/5 stars on Trip Advisor
Israel Tour Guide: 5/5 stars on Trip Advisor